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Imagine if something as simple as a pencil could make your day. Many of us are fortunate to not be in that position, but for many students at Galoya Senegal West Africa, it's a reality.

When I heard heard that 100% of the students at Galoya Senegal West Africa were lacking supplies - simple things the rest of us take for granted, like paper, notebooks, pencils, rulers - we knew that we couldn't let that happen.

The amazing people of Columbus Ohio supplies with their OWN personal money to help these students, because they know these children are "brilliant," but that only goes so far. We need YOUR help to make sure these pre-K through 5th graders get the supplies they need and deserve, but can't always afford.

school2No child should start the school year without the school supplies they need, regardless of their financial situation. Our goal is to ensure that every child and teacher has what they need to make this school year a success!

The students in this school have not seen what a PC looks like and how it can transform their lives as a digital tool for education.

Although the public school system is supported by the national government, due to a awful budget shortfall no fund are available to supply even one set of computer equipment to all public high schools.

It will make a substantial difference in bridging the digital gap between schools in developed countries that have computers for each student as agains one computer for an entire school in a developing country such as ours.

We are attaching below a profile of our local public school to give you an idea of the numbers of beneficiary that will be served by providing us with the computers equipment,monitors,printers,softwares, and supplies.

We will provide the counterpart funds for trainings the teachers in the use of the computers as a teaching tool to help the school classes together with a donation of DSL connectivity through one of the major telecommunication companies operating in the area of Senegal.

We look forward to your favorable answer to our request. If in case you have questions that need to be clarified, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Help us help the next generation!

***While all funds will be used directly for the needs of Galoya Senegal West Africa***


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